Mitglied werden

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Tables Connaisseur.

We support and campaign for restaurateurs with a distinctive quality of thinking and a responsible attitude towards sustainability within the food supply chain.

The application for a new member can be submitted and applied for by minimum of two existing members at any time. The application form can be requested via the Email address

After the organizing committee´s decision, the applicant will receive a written response within 30 days.

Every member of the organizing committee nominates every potential eligible Tables Connaisseur participant. These propositions will be evaluated monthly and afterwards the concerned restaurateur will be contacted in case of a positive evaluation and asked to join the membership.

The basic requirement for a membership is to promote and abide by our society philosophy including regulations. On the Member’s menu card, a minimum of two fish dishes in the section starters, middle- or main courses must be advertised, whose products come from controlled fish catches and must be marked with our signet on the menu card.

Our membership plaque must be displayed at the Member’s restaurant entrance advising customers of the kitchen’s dedication to sustainable fish stock promotion by offering of fish dishes from controlled fish catches.

Membership cost are structured as follows:

Registration: CHF 120.00
Annual fee: CHF 280.00

For further questions, please contact the appropriate Regional Vice-President.

Vice-President Italian Switzerland – Angelo Morea, Hotelier/
Vice-President Suisse Romande – Lucien Gibisser, Hotelier/
Vice-President German Switzerland – Stefan Meier, Restaurateur /