Our philosophy and goal is to move people to consume fish and shellfish primarily from certified fisheries. The supporters of Tables Connoisseur embrace this philosophy and as a result feature fish and crustacean dishes on their menus that originate from breeding and territorial waters. Furthermore, fish dishes, in which the fish originate from sustainable fishing and in which the fish products have been purchased according to the guidelines of BIO, MSC and ASC, are labelled with our fish logo.

Moreover, these restaurants are honoured with a predicate for excellent award-winning seafood dishes of the highest level. The selected restaurants promote their recognition of excellence with a sign at their entrance.

With this notice, every guest can then contemplate this topic for themselves. The guest can then order any of the fish dishes indicated by our logo, which is a decisive contribution to the prevention of permanent overfishing and depletion of fish stocks that additionally supports the local fisheries. Each restaurateur of Tables Connoisseur guarantees with our logo on its menus that the products’ origins do not come from unrestrained wild fisheries, but from controlled and sustainable fishing. Therefore, each guest may enjoy seafood dishes at each selected restaurant of Tables Connoisseur without hesitation. The restaurant employees will be pleased to provide additional information about the breeding and country of the offered fish products.

Das permanente Industriefischen hat in den vergangenen Jahren einen starken Rückgang des Wildfisch-Bestandes in allen Meeren verursacht. Die Weltnaturschutzorganisation IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) warnte schon gemäß einer Studie im Jahr 2011 davor, dass allein im Mittelmeer ca. 40 Fischarten vom Aussterben bedroht sind. Bei dieser Studie wurde zum ersten Mal das gesamte Meer betrachtet.

In recent years, permanent industrial fishing has caused a sharp decline of wild fish stocks in all oceans. The World Conservation Union IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) has already warned, in a study in 2011, that 40 species of fish are threatened with extinction in the Mediterranean alone. In this study, the entire sea was considered for the first time.

According to the environmental organization the main problem is the use of trawls in fishing habits in which many unintended fish are caught as a result that are not economically used. Furthermore, these nets are also responsible for the destruction of parts of the seabed, which is an important habitat for all fish and their reproduction.

Among the endangered species of the oceans are, according to IUCN, sharks and tunas, and at least twelve teleost species. These fish species are threatened with extinction due to overfishing, changing habitats and pollution of the seas. These include the Great tuna (also known as red tuna or Bluefin tuna), which is mainly prepared as sushi and sashimi for the end consumer.

The main reason driving extinction, according to the IUCN, is overfishing. "The stock of Great tuna in the Mediterranean Sea and in the eastern Atlantic is the main concern," said the marine fish specialist Kent Carpenter of the organization. "There is already a 50 percent decline in reproductive potential over the past 40 years, mainly due to overfishing.

The supporters of Tables Connoisseur give you the opportunity to freely contribute to their philosophy and welcome you in their restaurant, which you can recognize with their sign at the restaurant entrance.

Seafood must not become an unaffordable luxury, and should be sought in future in an environmentally friendly manner. Every consumer should treat our food source with respect and increasingly consume fish and seafood from breeding sources to inhibit further wild catching