The restaurateur, as a member of the Tables Connaisseur association, commits to marking only fish dishes with our fish signet on the menu card which come from sustainable fish catches. This includes fishes from domestic waters e.g. rivers, lakes, fish farming including seafood, which has been bought in accordance to the guidelines set out by the BIO, MSC and ASC. The restaurateur commits to providing evidence about product supply during controls at any time.

Fish dishes, which have been marked by the restaurateurs with our fish signet on the menu, are not allowed to be mixed with seafood, if they do not come from a sustainable fish catch. In such a case our fish signet referring the marking of a mixed fish dish is not allowed to be used.

It is allowed to advertise fish dishes which do not come from sustainable fish catches on the menu card. However these dishes are not allowed to be marked with our fish signet in any fashion. 

By violating the rules the participant will be deemed irrevocably from the association Tables Connaisseur. Furthermore the supplied member plaque must be surrendered within one week to the headquarters by recorded delivery mail or courier.

Any deliberate offences against the spirit and policies of membership rules including false declarations, can be punished by a fine up to 10`000.00. Fines gathered will be transferred to a charitable organization located within the transgressor’s regional boundary. 

The Tables Connaisseur association offers regional workshops in which professional supply and processing of products, coming from sustainable fish catch, are fully taught. 

Every graduate shall receive a certificate on completion of the workshop and is thereby identified as a competent member of our association after training.